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As the news has already been globally confirmed, MURAL has raised a funding of $50 million dollars in July 2021. This, paired with its previous funding of about $118 million in 2020, puts the company on the list and values it at a little less than $2 billion dollars.

Now, with an innovative and skillful workspace like MURAL, it was bound to happen and was only a matter of time. This glory has increased the profits as well the user rates of the company impressively.

The MURAL platform is not like any other ever seen. Virtual whiteboards have so far been limited to just mere sketches and a few other options, leaving massive uncultivated areas for improvement.

In most of the other platforms, the workspace was only limited to a single user who had to present their team with their idea only after it was ready and palatable. This would cause a lot of erosion in creativity and often unsurprisingly ended up being a rushed project with a lack of refinement.

MURAL supports team building and democratization with its improved workspace that basically brings the office to the screens.

It is due to these factors that global tech giants like IBM, Facebook, and Microsoft use MURAL as their leading virtual whiteboard in carrying out all their important projects.

Today, the company has proved itself through its excellence and established itself as the top visual collaborative workspace in the new age industry. 

About MURAL 

Widely described as a digitally used collaborative workspace, MURAL is advanced software that allows users to work in alliance, synchronously or not, to work their innovation and creative skills onto brilliantly brainstormed ideas to yield a result.

Mural platform essentially provides a platform for a team or individuals to visualize the entire concept as a whole, ensuring that all the involved minds get to the same level quickly and easily. 

It is as good as it sounds because there is no chance of any unexpected backfire and each member associated with the respective project gets a say, after processing the whole information that has been provided to them. This will surely help the team involved in getting all their thoughts rounded up and coming up with a wonderful idea. 

It takes into account all the factors and allows for everyone to get their input in the work, hence making the way for individual experience, skills, and intellect to be used in the work. This will increase the chances of success on hand significantly.

Other subjective factors like imagination, effort, and discipline would also be added to the project, refining the final result to be catered to the tastes of the town.

Characteristic Individuality

MURAL is well known for providing a whiteboard for people to work their ideas on, but what people fail to mention are the awesome features that come with it-

• Sticky notes are provided so you can always make a last-minute addition, explaining the importance of description or maybe just a note to keep in mind 

• The MURAL whiteboard has shapes and connecting devices so as to give the whole workspace a more technical outlook 

• To enhance the graphics of an idea or a theory, icons are added to the whiteboard so as to minimize translational difficulties 

• Impactful frameworks are added to add to the organization aspect 

• The option to use pictures and GIFs is also available 

• To facilitate things and make it exactly like a hard version of a whiteboard, the company features the option to draw on the space

All in all, this makes MURAL a very organized technical workspace with an efficient management system helping upcoming ideas come to life.

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