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Are You Planning To Take A Truerate Commercial Loan Service?


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Olive Tree Holdings founded the business in 2020, and it is run by seasoned financial and investment professionals with more than 50 years of combined industry experience. Sales in the Capital Markets and Investments are the primary business of Truerate Services.

The company’s managing director, industry veteran Dan Gorczycki, is in charge of carrying out the growth and expansion strategy for Truerate services.

Business Loan Authenticate Services

Truerate’s services assist clients in the commercial real estate sector in obtaining commercial loans. This means that Commercial loans can be used by both lenders and borrowers.

Invest in commercial real estate by using truerate services to promote the development of these buildings. Among Truerate’s main offerings are: 

  • Financial Debt 

Debt financing is a popular way to raise money for a company’s start-up or growth. Businesses can raise funds for operating capital or capital expenditures from private or institutional investors using Truerate’s services. Services like Truerate serve as brokers.

  • Equity Placement 

Equity placement is a method of acquiring capital that enables a corporation to receive a much-needed infusion of cash in exchange for company equity.

Since the investor now owns a portion of the business and will receive a return on their investment as the business expands, equity investors do not demand the business repay the money.

The Commercial Real State Advising Firm Truerate 

Their capital markets and investment sales expertise are the cornerstone of the commercial real estate advising firm TrueRate. Using up-to-date, real-time data, they assist and improve the appraisal and underwriting process of CRE transactions and financing. Their goal is to increase the effectiveness and scope of their client’s transaction outcomes. They have facilitated more than $23 billion in CRE financing and sales of more than $250M in assets.

Investments Sales

When using Truerate services for investment sales, owners can take advantage of real-time fluctuations in the commercial real estate market to help them determine the genuine market value of a real estate asset.

This is advantageous because owners may be sure they will receive the correct price for their assets based on current market conditions.

What Distinguishes Truerate Services?

Business loan Truerate Services combines expertise and technology to counsel customers on the optimal debt. Owners or businesses seeking to invest in a firm or obtain a commercial loan have very little input time because they handle all of the work.

Reasons To Choose TrueRate Services Includes:

  • Experience – With a combined 50 years of experience in the commercial real estate finance, capital markets, and loan industries, you can be sure that these years of expertise will be put to good use for you.
  • Expert Advisors – The Truerate Capital Markets team has extensive experience in the capital markets sector, so you can count on them to provide you with expert advice that is tailored to your needs.
  • Technology – To increase returns for its clients, Truerate employs real-time market data.

What You Must Understand About Business Loans

You may be wondering what commercial loans are and how they may help your company as a business owner. 

Term loans, lines of credit, and SBA loans are just a handful of the numerous types of commercial loans available. To select the ideal loan for your business, conduct your research as each sort of loan has its own terms and restrictions.

Traditional Loans Versus Commercial Loans

Before deciding which sort of loan is best for your company, you should be aware of a few major distinctions between conventional loans and commercial loans. The variations include:

  • Purpose

Businesses frequently receive commercial loans for specific objectives like buying commercial real estate or equipment. On the other hand, traditional loans can be applied for a number of things.

  • Repayment Term

Compared to traditional loans, commercial loans typically have shorter payback periods, therefore you will need to return the amount more rapidly. Longer repayment terms are common with traditional loans, providing you more time to pay back the debt.

  • Interest Rate

You must be ready because commercial loans often have higher interest rates than ordinary loans.

Commercial Lending Industry

The term “commercial loan marketplace” refers to an online platform that connects businesses hoping to obtain a commercial loan to invest in their operations with investors seeking to acquire or invest in the loan. The platform or brokerage serves as a middleman, receiving payments for principal and interest and distributing them to the investors after deducting any agreed-upon fees.


To sum up, by utilizing their expertise and experience on the capital market, Commercial loan Truerate services can be your key to unlocking fresh revenue that will allow your company to continue operating or develop. As an investment sales broker, the Truerate staff can connect buyers and sellers, ensuring that everyone has a happy ending.


What is a truerate?

Commercial real estate consulting company TrueRate.

What is the objective of Truerate?

To improve the quality and magnitude of their client’s transaction outcomes.

When was Truerate formed?


Who formed Truerate?

Olive Tree Holdings

Who is the Managing Director of Truerate?

Dan Gorczycki