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MBC 2030: Complete Guide to Register, Dashboard, and More for the Live Sabong Game


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MBC 2030 is another type of cockfighting or we can say a sabong game in which worldwide players take the participation, play, and also earn special rewards by gambling on their favorite fighter rooster. Like: WPC2027, WPC2025

After the pandemic of Covvid-19, the concept of gaming and the interest of people in gaming has taken a deeper turn.

People are more likely attracted to indoor games and if they got the taste of outdoor games by sitting on their couches, eating popcorn, and drinking cold drinks, then it will be just the icing on the cake.

So for that type of public, the Philippines has discovered online live streaming of cockfighting games and MBC 2030 is one of them. But it contains many different and attractive features that make it distinguishable from other online sabongs. 

About MBC2030 

It is a live rooster fighting game, which you’ll find on the online sabong website. This game is all about cockfighting, it’s live streaming, people watching, enjoying, and betting on their favorite cocks, and the winner’s cock betting player getting rewards from the mbc2030 website. 

You can get this gaming entertainment from any location, any time, and on any device, whether on your PC, tablet, or on your smartphone as well. 

An enjoyable game from which you can earn rewards also, who will not get affectionate towards that? 

For being a part of this game, the player needs to register on the mbc2030 website and also needs to get website access. Here we’ll give the complete details about how to register for mbc 2030? And how to open the live dashboard of mbc2030?

Steps to get Register for MBC2030 

To watch and play the online MC 2030 live game, then you must first register on the mbc2030 website. If someone is unable to do so, he/she will not be able to play and watch the game. Registration is the prerequisite of the game. 

Below are the steps that guide you in registering yourself for mbc2030, just read them properly and follow the same for the mbc2030 registration process.

  • Make a Google search for MBC2030 registration.
  • Click on the Facebook page of mbc2030 live registration. 
  • Then Facebook will ask you to enter your login details of the face, if you already have a Facebook account, open that, and if you don’t have then go and make an account on Facebook first. 
  • After opening your FB account, you’ll successfully access the mbc2030 live registration page. 
  • Then enter your data for registration. It will be the username, password, first name, last name, email id, etc.
  • After carefully filing all the data, click on the register button and your mbc2030 official account will be created at that moment.

Now you can log in to the mbc2030 game by entering your username and password on the login section and start the enjoyment of this highly anticipated game.

Dashboard of MBC2030

Dashboard access to the registered users of MBC2030 to participate in the game. From there, they can choose an event for betting, that is broadcasted live. Once you’ll enter the live dashboard, you’ll get the complete details about the upcoming matches dates, timetable, and deadlines.

You’ll be also exposed to other events and information, any changes made regarding the rules and regulations of mbc2030, everything will be present on the live dashboard of mbc2030. It’ll make the player updated regarding the news, new additions, or any other new feature added to the game. So I must check this regularly. 

Upgraded Features of MBC2030

  • Their UPI transaction is much better and easy to understand.
  • The live dashboard has a mobile application with 4.1 or higher ratings from the users. It allows you to watch the brawls on the go. 
  • It is more continuous and honest than any other sabong game. 
  • It has come up with ultra-fast speed, the latest features, and easy-to-understand rules and regulations.
  • Gives you a real-time cockfight experience even when you sit in your home. 


MBC2030 is the newest addition in the cockfighting game. It has many new features along with some older ones. This mixture of newer and older versions makes it lovable, attractive, and enjoyable all over the world.

The rewards offered by MBC 2030 are much more expensive and attractive than ever offered by any rooster fighting game. It is compatible with any smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. It can only be played online after making registration on the Facebook page of MBC2030 and the player also needs to make a Facebook account pre-registration. 


Q1. What is MBC2030?

Ans. It is a rooster fighting game, available online. The players can watch, play and enjoy this game by gambling on the cocks and then also receive the rewards if their gambled cock will win.

Q2. Can we register to mbc2030 without making a Facebook account?

Ans. No, you must have a Facebook account for beginning the registration process

Q3. Which country supports cockfighting games?

Ans. The Philippines.

Q4. Can we play mbc2030 on mobiles?

An. Yes, if you have a smartphone.

Q5. Can we get the reward in the form of money?

Ans. Yes.

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