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Maximize Your MBA – MBAANDBEYOND.COM Review 2023 Edition


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When it comes to pursuing an MBA, finding the right and authentic resources can make a huge difference in your success. With so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to turn. That’s where MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews come into the picture. This platform offers a variety of reviews of prospective MBA students who got the direction from test preparation to admission consulting from MBA and Beyond. Let’s take a closer look at MBAANDBEYOND.COM review and understand the journey of MBA applicants. 

I was skeptical at first, but MBA and Beyond really delivered what they promised.

One common theme among MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews is initial hesitation. After all, there are numerous companies out there promising to help you ace the GMAT and get into your dream program. But applicants on MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews found that MBA and Beyond stood out from the pack. One of the candidates on MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews said, “I was hesitant to sign up, but I’m so glad I did. The personalized attention and expert guidance made a huge difference in my application process.”

The team really knows their stuff.

Another recurring comment in MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews is the level of expertise offered by the company’s team. From alums of top B-schools to profile experts, the whole team of MBA and Beyond boasts an impressive range of backgrounds and qualifications. As one comment on MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews states, “The team is incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed.”

I appreciated the flexibility of their services.

One of the benefits applicants mentioned on MBAANDBEYOND.COM review is the ability to customize applicants’ experience. Whether you need help with a specific part of the application process or want ongoing support throughout your MBA journey, the company offers a range of services to fit your needs. Applicants appreciate this flexibility, as one review on MBAANDBEYOND.COM review is: “I was able to pick and choose which services I needed, and it made a big difference in my preparation.”

The pricing is reasonable, especially given the quality of the services.

Of course, the cost is always a consideration when it comes to MBA prep. Fortunately, many applicants mentioned on MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews that they found MBA and Beyond offers great value for the price. As one review puts it, “I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable their services were. And given the level of expertise and attention I received; it was well worth it.”

Another service that I read on MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews is that they offer interview coaching. As someone who has never been to a business school interview before, I was nervous about the prospect of facing an adcoms. They provide applicants with a mock interview session with an experienced consultant, who asks them a series of questions commonly asked in business school interviews. The consultant provided them with feedback on my responses and suggestions on how to improve their interview skills. It gave me the confidence that even I could get prepared for the actual interview after going through the coaching session.

MBA and Beyond also provide a plethora of free resources for MBA applicants, such as sample essays, interview tips, and school-specific advice. Applicants on MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews found these resources to be very helpful with a general understanding of the MBA application process and the expectations of top business schools.

From all of the reviews on MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews, I really found this journey very interesting and insightful. 

I chose MBA and Beyond after I had an elaborate profile evaluation call with them. I understood that the fee was fairly high, but given the fact that I had no prior experience with the application process or how to play to my strengths since I do not come from a quantitative background. But my other option was going with a regular consultancy firm which would simply edit my essays once, and that’s pretty much it, so I went ahead with MBA & Beyond, thinking of the fee as an investment.

The process was incredible. I was so confused initially, not knowing where to begin, but a team of incredible people was assigned to me. 

Ms. Designer, GMAT-640, got into EDHEC & ESSEC with scholarships, with whom I had multiple calls to try to understand my goals and aspirations and select schools that would be best for me and vice versa. I must say, it was enlightening.

The content-gathering phase let me discover and remember so much about myself and my career in order to figure out my strengths, weaknesses, and achievements that I would not have introspected on my own. This process helped me a lot in terms of boosting my confidence and prep for my interviews as well.

The best part was that I could request as many calls and meetings as I needed to write and edit my essays or about any doubts I had along the way.

I applied to 3 schools and got accepted into all with major scholarships. EDHEC with 55%, ESSEC with 30%, and Boston College with 60,000 USD.

By the time I appeared for the interviews, I had so much clarity and so much confidence from the multiple mock interviews and discussions that the interviews felt like a breeze.

I totally credit my achievement to MBA and Beyond as their holistic approach lets me bring out the best in me and stand out in the application and interview process.

There are many reviews on GMAT club, Reddit, and MBAANDBEYOND.COM reviews you can read to get inspired.