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Crissy Cunningham: Stranger Things season 4


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Played by Grace Van Dien, Chrissy Cunningham made her debut in the fourth season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things. She was the leader of the Hawkins High School pep squad and the school’s most popular student.


Chrissy Phillip and Laura Cunningham welcomed their daughter Elizabeth into the world on June 13, 1968. There was an omission of one of her younger siblings. Chrissy finished fifth grade and is now a sixth grader at Hawkins Middle School.

At a Hawkins Middle School talent show, she and Eddie Munson, guitarist for the metal band Corroded Coffin, did a cheerleading routine together. In the fall of 1980, when Eddie decided to transfer to Hawkins High School, he severed ties with his best friend.

They were both proud of their accomplishments, but they were not particularly close. In her four years at Hawkins High, Chrissy rose to prominence and was ultimately named “queen of Hawkins High.” She was the captain of the Hawkins High School cheerleading squad and dated Jason Carver.

In terms of both points and boards, Carver was the team leader. The huge pressure Chrissy felt from the Hawkins High School Cheerleading Squad, along with her mother’s frequent criticism, led to her eating disorder.

Chrissy was normally a joyful and popular person. In her senior year of high school, Chrissy started attending the school counselor, Ms. Kelley.


The entire community went on a manhunt for Eddie after her death and the recent murder of Fred, who was widely believed to be the major suspect in both murders.

Jason, Chrissy’s ex-boyfriend, took over since he was certain that Eddie had committed a Satanic ritual murder by killing Chrissy and Fred. Eddie is the major suspect in both her murder and the subsequent death of Fred because her body was discovered in his trailer.

Max Mayfield, Steve Harrington, and Dustin Henderson broke into Ms. Kelly’s office at night to steal Chrissy’s paperwork. She and Fred were suspected to be related because their premortem symptoms were discovered to be physically and physiologically similar.

Max discovered that he and Fred both had headaches by comparing their medical records. Before their deaths, both Chrissy and Fred were seeing therapists to help them work through the trauma they’d experienced.

Like Chrissy and Fred, Max was seeing Ms. Kelly for assistance with her symptoms after dreaming of Billy’s death. Max realized that she and her friends were in danger if they didn’t find a way to save Chrissy quickly after she told them the news.

All three of Eleven, Fred Benson, and Patrick McKinney were astonished when Sam Owens showed them a photo of Chrissy’s body. The vision he shared with them suggested that Vecna was reaching out to them to communicate with them before he returned home.

Eddie, while in the Upside Down, performed a solo of “Master of Puppets” by Metallica for Chrissy. He played the music to draw the Demobats’ attention away from Vecna, who was taking refuge in the empty Creel mansion. Eddie started singing after being pushed to do so by Chrissy.


Chrissy seemed like any other famous cheerleader at first. The investigation, however, uncovered evidence of an eating condition, most likely bulimia. Chrissy’s chronic sickness left her permanently depressed (though possibly binge-purge anorexia).

Her mother was accused of causing her daughter’s eating disorder and low self-esteem by pressuring her to be “perfect” by criticizing and dismissing even the slightest deviation from the ideal.

Chrissy’s mom has always placed a high value on appearance and has used her considerable sway to help her daughter achieve her goals. This probably certainly contributed to the development of Chrissy’s eating issue. 

Chrissy kept her inner struggle a secret from everyone, including her closest friend and boyfriend Jason. They gave off the impression that they were dating, but they weren’t getting to know each other.

Eddie Munson, who had not spoken to Chrissy in years, noticed something was different during their drug deal, despite Jason’s best efforts to figure out what was bothering her.

Chrissy was able to set aside her prejudices and show compassion by not becoming annoyed with Eddie’s antics like Jason did, calling him names like “prick” and “freak.” She was mildly criticizing Max Mayfield, but she was still supporting Eddie Munson despite the labels the other students had given him.

Since Chrissy would likely improve the lives of everyone around her, losing her to Vecna would be exceptionally terrible.

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