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Why is Northern Beaches the perfect spot for a dream wedding?


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There’s something special about the Northern Beaches. It’s got a bit of everything, from places to stay to the best locations for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Learn why this is the perfect spot for your dream wedding!

The Northern Beaches is a gorgeous location for weddings.

Fixing wedding venues in Northern Beaches is a great idea. You don’t have to go far from Sydney to get there! If you’re in the city, it’s just an hour or so by car or train. And if you decide on Botany Bay instead, it’s only about 40 minutes away via public transport. This means that your guests won’t have to travel far either—and they’ll be able to enjoy all this beautiful location has to offer before and after your big day!

The next time someone asks why you picked where you did for your wedding day, remember: there are many reasons why Sydney’s northern beaches could be the perfect spot for yours–and we’ve only touched on some of them here!

There are so many great photo opportunities!

There are so many great photo opportunities on the North Shore! From Manly Beach to North Head, you can create a wedding package that suits your budget while allowing you to have your dream wedding. Don’t worry about travelling far from Sydney—you have everything you need here.

Shark Island is the perfect place for a beach ceremony, with its tall sandstone cliffs and stunning views across Pittwater. Cromer Beach has an expansive lawn area perfect for cocktail hour or outdoor reception. If you’re looking for something more intimate, Collaroy Beach has beautiful sandstone grottos that might be just what you’re looking for! Long Bay Golf Course also has indoor and outdoor facilities if rain threatens your special day at any time during the year (which it rarely does).

It’s easy to get to from anywhere else in Sydney.

It’s easy to get to from anywhere else in Sydney. The Northern Beaches are easily accessible by car, train or bus, or you can even take the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly. If you’re staying in an Airbnb or hotel, there are many options for accommodation – including luxury options such as the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel at Curzon Hall.

If you want to eat out while you’re here, there’s no shortage of options: everything from gourmet dining at 1811 Bar & Restaurant to casual fish and chips at Woody’s Surf Shack on Whale Beach. And if your wedding is held on one of the more popular beaches, such as Freshwater Beach or Palm Beach, chances are there will be food vendors around offering snacks and refreshments too!

The Northern Beaches has plenty of things for guests who’ve come along for your special day too: check out some great walks along beaches like Coasters Retreat or Chowder Bay Reserve; visit local attractions like Manly Wharf Aquarium; explore shopping centres like Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, or ride around on a bicycle with your friends! There is something for everyone here, so it makes sense why many couples choose this location when planning their dream wedding celebration!

They have great food and drinks.

You want to ensure a great venue for your wedding, but it’s not just about the food. 

If you want to get married in Sydney,  wedding venues in Northern Beaches are perfect. There are so many great locations that will make your day memorable and fun. From the beautiful beaches and restaurants to the lush greenery of Pittwater Park and Manly Gardens, there are many options that it can be hard to choose just one!

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