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What are the ways to boost cellular coverage?


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Cellular coverage is essential for both business and personal use. Today, most people use their cell phones regularly to make calls, send text messages, send emails and update social media accounts. When the cellular signal is weak or unavailable in an area, you can face several issues, such as dropped calls, delayed text messages and slow internet connection when browsing websites. Even though several factors affect cellular coverage, such as the location of your home or office building, there are some easy yet effective ways, such as using celfi, to boost the signal at home or office.

Use a reliable mobile coverage solution

If your cell phone’s signal strength is weak, consider switching carriers. Different carriers have different networks so that they may offer better service in various parts of the country or world. You’ll want to compare cellular providers on their network coverage maps before deciding where to switch.

Go outside to make or receive calls

If you have difficulty hearing someone or vice versa, try going outside. This is the easiest way to boost cellular coverage for you and the person on the other end.

  • If possible, get as far away from buildings as possible. Buildings can obstruct signals from reaching your device and make them less intense than they would be if there were no obstacles.
  • Avoid using your cell phone in a basement or underground parking lot; these are notorious dead zones for cell signal because there are few antennas nearby (or none).

Keep your cell phone close to the window

The best way to boost cellular coverage is to keep your cell phone close to the window. This will help you get a good signal, and you won’t have to bother about the signal dropping out when you enter another part of your house.

The exact distance from which your phone can pick up signals from nearby towers is different for every person, but generally speaking, if you want strong service inside your home or office building, having your device within 1-2 feet of a window is ideal.

There mustn’t be any large metal objects between your phone and the window because these can prevent signals from reaching their destination. 

Remove your cell phone case

If you’re using a phone case, try removing it and see if there is an improvement in cellular coverage. If so, get a case that will not block the signal.

Check the weather

Weather is an important factor for cellular coverage. In some areas, the weather might affect the strength of your signal and how far it travels. It may also affect how much power is needed to transmit a signal. If you are in an area that gets lots of rain or snow in the winter, solar panels can have less sun during those months. If there’s less sunlight hitting solar panels, there will be less electricity being produced by them. This could mean that cell towers have fewer watts to work with throughout the day and may need more than usual at certain times (like when more people are making calls).

Contact a reputed cellular booster provider

If you are still facing weak signal issues, a reputed cellular booster provider like celfi will help you identify the cause of the poor signal strength and offer solutions to fix it.

  • Check whether the signal strength is at least one bar. A one-bar or better signal is good enough for making calls and sending texts. If no service is available even after increasing the network settings, it might be time to consider installing a cell phone signal booster.
  • Speaking with an experienced technician before buying any product that requires installation can help ensure that your area has adequate coverage without being blocked by obstacles like trees or buildings nearby. It will also determine if there are issues with interference from other devices around you, such as cordless phones using 2Ghz frequency bands (900 MHz).