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Ways On How To Wipe Off Your PC


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Resetting your PC for better purposes might be one of the most valuable things you can do to optimize its performance. If your PC is starting to go slower than usual, and you have plans to replace it, you may need to secure all the files in your old PC. If you think you can merely let go of your PC, you might be doing something wrong. If you plan to replace it and sell it, there are some security measures that you have to take to ensure that all of your data and personal information will not be lurking around on the internet. 

Knowing how to wipe a PC is essential, and you must understand how it works. In addition, there are steps to do it, and it is more challenging than one, two, or three. If you think that doing this practice is nonsense, you should rethink that notion. You can accumulate many benefits when you wipe your PC, not only to assure that your files are safe. So, if you want to know more about this matter, keep reading. 

Here are the ways how to reset your PC. Make sure to list some of the essential things. Lastly, share this with your families and friends. 

  1. Reset

Resetting might be one of the typical strategies if you want to wipe off your PC. It is one of the soundest strategies to delete all your files on your PC. It will be tough to recover all of your data once it vanishes, and it will be more challenging once you encrypt it.

  1. Third-Party Tools

If you think the resetting strategy is not too reliable and convincing, you can use some third-party tools to secure the erasure of your data. This strategy applies to your PCs that have a lower version of windows. Note that you cannot use third-party tools if you have an HDD or an SSD. There are some considerations that you have to take. 

How To Secure Erase An HDD?

Some utilities could guarantee a clean result. You can navigate these utilities all by yourself, as they are comprehensive. The top utilities are DBAN, Disk Wipe, and Eraser. Note that DBAN requires you to download it first through a USB. In addition, Disk Wipe and Eraser are free utilities. Both can offer you various strategies for overwriting or rewriting your disks.

Who Can Benefit From This?

  1. Previous User

As the previous user, you can benefit when you wipe your PC off, the fact that you will first handly control on securing the erasure of your files and personal information on the PC. In addition, it will assure you that your data will be safe, and it is hard to restore once you delete or erase it.

  1. Next User

The following user will benefit from this wiping off as it will give them a fresh start on the PC. There will be no unnecessary migrating or deleting of files, and all will be newly structured.

  1. Your PC

Your PC will benefit from this practice, especially if its last performance before the wipe-off is slow. Once you wipe some files and data, the PC will optimize its performance due to considerable allowances in files.

Finally, Is It Worth Wiping Off Your Computer?

Yes, it will always be worthwhile if you want to ensure that none of your files or personal information is present anywhere. Although wiping off may seem complicated, as you do it methodically, you will soon go through the challenging stage. Please don’t take this for granted; it is much better to know that all your files are dismantled and appropriately handled. And you have no chance of getting leaked because you do the proper way of wiping off your PC. Therefore, quit thinking and holding off and start properly clearing up your PC.



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