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Sylvie Meis: Bio, Age, Height, Career, Net worth, And Popularity


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Sylvie Francoise Meis is a famous Dutch television personality and model from the Netherlands, a country which is located in Germany. She is most famous for her footballer husband, Rafael Van Der Vaat. They became the Netherlands’ most trending “football couple” in the Netherlands.

Selvie’s Age, Weight, Height, Hair And Eye Colour 

Sylvie was born on April 13th, 1978, and at present she is 44 years old with a height of 1.58 m and a weight of 48 kg. She is a very beautiful and stunning model who has dark blonde hair and attractive and charming blue-gray eyes. 

Sylvie’s Early Life And Education 

Sylvie was born in Breda, a city situated in the Netherlands, as the daughter of Rita Meis and Ron Meis. Her entire childhood was spent in Breda, but it is still unknown which school she attended. She received her university education from the well-known University of West Brabant. 

Sylvie’s Career As A Model And Tv Star

When Sylvie was 18 years old, she decided that she wanted to be one of the best models in the country. She started her career in modeling by acting in various shoots for different kinds of casting agencies. Afterward, she became interested in television and decided to be a part of the television world.

She gained popularity through her television appearances on the show Fox Kids, on which she performed from 1999 to 2002. Afterwards, she appeared on various TV shows, such as she was seen on MTV Netherlands and TMf Netherlands in 2003.

Moreover, she was a participant in the Super Talent show from the years 2008 to 2011 and, afterwards, in 2018, she became the judge of the same show. She also appeared on the Let’s Dance Show in 2010, and from 2011 to 2017, she was a presenter on the show. 

She worked extremely hard throughout her career and received numerous awards for her outstanding performance, including the Netherlands’ sexiest female in 2003, the media women of the year in 2011, and the Bayerischer Fernsehpreis in 2012.

Sylvie’s Married Life And Divorce 

Sylvie was in a relationship with a well-known footballer, Rafael Van Der Vaat, since 2003, and they both married each other in June 2005. The couple really enjoyed each other’s company, and everyone looks at them as a perfect example of a happily married couple.

However, during their married life, she encountered breast cancer and underwent surgery. That was a very tough time for both couples, but they remained strong and trusted each other. But apart from facing various ups and downs together in 2010, she was accused of cheating on her husband.

Her husband Rafael claims she is a cheater who is having an extramarital affair with a KLM Airlines pilot. It was a hard moment, and they both had several arguments over this and finally decided to give divorce to each other. In December 2013, their divorce was finalized and they parted their ways.

Afterward, Sylvie came into a relationship with Charbel Aouad, and both couples engaged each other in April 2017. However, her relationship did not last for long, and they both separated in the cold winds of October 2017.

Sylvie’s Social Media: From Instagram To Twitter

Sylvie is a very famous model and a very famous social media personality. You can find her on Instagram with her official name @sylviemesi, where she has more than 1 million followers and more than 3000 posts.

Apart from this, on her Instagram, she added various highlights from the names Charity, Confident, Passionate, and Empowerment. She often shares her stunning pictures on her Instagram with different poses to flaunt her beauty.

Sylvie is also an active user of Facebook, where she has more than 500K followers. On her Facebook, she often shares her stunning pictures with a short and simple caption.

She also uses one of the most charitable media platforms available, which is Twitter. On her Twitter account, she has more than 267k followers with whom she often shares various thoughts on different things. 

Sylvie’s Net Worth 

Being an amazing and stylish model, Sylvie has a net worth that ranges between $1-5 million.


What is the net worth of Sylvie’s ex-spouse, Rafael Van Der Vaart: the famous football player?

Her ex-husband has a net worth ranging between $1 and $4 million.

Does Sylvie have any siblings?

Yes, she has a brother named Daniel Meis.

Does Sylvie have any children?

Yes, she is the great mother of a boy named Damian Rafael Van Der Vaart.

Does Sylvie look stunning because of her personality?

Yes, Sylvie has dark blonde hair and blue-gray eyes, and she maintains herself well, which makes her look stunning.

Is Sylvie on YouTube?

Yes, she has her own channel on YouTube with her name Sylvie Meis, on which she frequently posts new videos.

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