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Overwatch 2 Developers Explain Why Players Should Link Phone Numbers To Accounts


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Blizzard has listed reasons on why players must be aware of users with malicious and toxic intents and ways to deal with them alongside setting out rules. The changes in the game are very fascinating.

But then there are chances of chaos after users read this news. Many players, especially those who have multiple accounts will find it hard to digest that now Overwatch will make it mandatory to link your accounts with the mobile number and chaas after this is expected.

But at the same time, it was extremely necessary too, for developers to explain why.

If you are using multiple accounts to play the game you will have to make efforts in finding unique new mobile numbers to get verified and have access to the game. Interestingly prepaid and VIP numbers will not get recognition because of safety and security concerns.

If you have a partner or roommate who is kindest possible to you and does not have an account at overwatch then that could be your way out of this. 

Else, you will find it hard to avail features of Overwatch and won’t have access to many things, and won’t have Overwatch tokens of the league on your alternative accounts.

Speaking to Overwatch with overwatch developers about the Defense Matrix initiative and asked if there was any way to merge the alt accounts that users have made. 

Let’s say there are two accounts by a user on pc and android – both functional and have different levels unlocked on both of them. Will there be a possibility of uniting both accounts and availing benefits? 

The response was straightforward. The lead software engineer at overwatch 2 said that there is no way two accounts can be unified or have a unification between separate accounts. Said Mr. Bill Warnecke.

Account merging can come as a shock to new users who are still confused about mobile phone number verification. The merging of accounts is a different process altogether and requires a lot more verification and scrutiny. 

In the past, there was some sort of effort and investment from the users to gain the account by players – as there used to be a box price attached to each account. – now with everything free we don’t anymore have the box price we used to have initially.

The idea behind having the numbers verified is avoidance of any kind or sort of fraud and mismanagement. This is to ensure that toxic users do not spoil the environment by making hundreds of spam accounts.

The founder said that it’s understandable that users may want to have multiple accounts. But such accounts are not helping in the long run. They reduce the integrity and security of the software. 

The Overwatch team did mention that it understands the concerns (if any) by users about mobile verifications but it also wants everyone to understand that it is a key measure and step against cheaters and people who spoil the environment.

It is a possibility that an honest player and someone who has never cheated or used malicious means can be severely affected by the new measures of mobile number verification via SMS. We are closely looking into this. 

It has to be understood that the current measures are to tackle the bad apples and those who are willing to abuse the multiple-account options. We have been using ai technologies to find out people who have had a foul play. There can be attempts to cheat fingerprints, fake identities, and fake accounts.

We are working hard in tracking and dismantling them. Let’s say we find such accounts – but what after finding them out? If we are banning such elements from the platform only for them to join back in moments then all security measures are of no use. 

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