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Kanekalon Hair Ideas And How To Maintain Them!


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Kanekalon, a fiber, was introduced by Kaneka in 1957. It is a synthetic fiber made with Japanese technology.

Kanekalon has a soft texture similar to human hair and is also flame-retardant. It resembles the patterns and kinks of African textured hair. When used in braids, it looks like frizzy hair after drying with a brush.

Why Choose Kanekalon Hair?

Wondering why you should choose Kanekalon hair over other synthetic braids? Well, there are several reasons why you should do this. Many women around the world choose Kanekalon hair to try some creative hairstyles. Here’s why kanekalon hair should be your choice:

1.   Soft And Gentle

You want your natural hair to be as soft and gentle as possible. If you’re going to do any hair extensions, the first thing to look for is how gentle the texture and feel are. Kanekalon hair is made of lightweight material that feels very soft on the scalp. It almost feels like real hair. It has no tangles which make it different from natural hair.

2.   Easy To Style

Kanekalon hair is flexible and styleable and features “Hot Water Styling” technology to help you set curls and seal tips, keep them flexible and prevent them from loosening. It comes in different colors and textures, allowing you to try different hairstyles.

3.   Safe To Use

Kanekalon hair is easy and safe to use. It is flame retardant, which means it will extinguish itself if it comes in contact with fire. Flame retardancy does not go away with shampoo. Also, it is immune to melting and dripping. Unlike many synthetic braids, Kanekalon hair is safe and secure.

How To Care For Kanekalon Braids

Just like you take care of your beautiful natural hair, your extensions also need proper care to look good. Don’t worry you won’t take care of it as promised, but to keep your Kanekalon hair as good as they first look, here’s what you can do:

1. Air-Dry Them

Using a blow dryer means more heat into your Kanekalon hair. While they are heat resistant, you should limit heat exposure and limit their better appearance. Let them air dry instead of blow-drying them.

2. Keep It Neat And Fresh

 Don’t forget to keep your extensions as fresh as you would with natural hair. You can use an alcohol-free moisturizer to keep them clean and fresh. Just spray some on your hair every time you feel your hair looks dull.

3. Night Protection

To prolong the life of Kanekalon hair, it is recommended to maintain proper moisture and maintain optimal shape. Wear a satin scarf to bed, or if you’re uncomfortable with a satin scarf, use a satin pillowcase.

4. Don’t Keep It Too Long

Kanekalon hair is great for trying out different hairstyles and playing with them with different twists, but you’ll need to loosen them from time to time to protect your hair. Keeping them on for too long can damage your hair.


It’s easy to see that the kanekalon hair type is impressive when styling with it. Since it can withstand more heat, it will not deform easily. You can buy kanekalon hair at the best price from the online store.

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