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How Can We Describe a Computer to Children? 


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In simpler terms, we can describe a computer as an electronic device that is used for the performance of complex calculations. The significance of computers is significantly visible in every field. Whether it is in the sector of education, healthcare, government, etc., computers are an imperative tool. 

Most children will be aware of the inventor of a computer system. The initial invention of the computer that resembled many features of the modern-day computer was done by English mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage. Over the course of time, the structure and functions performed by computers have transformed drastically. The impact of computers on human lives is beyond words. The level of progressions and impact of computers have reached a level where the development of human beings is marked by the latest technology powered on the computers that they are using.

There are mainly two types of computers: Desktop computers and laptop computers. A desktop computer consists of a CPU (Central Processing Unit), UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. A laptop is a much more modern version of a computer in which all the components required for smooth functioning are inbuilt into a single device. In earlier times, the size of computers was large, and the performance offered by them was low. After numerous scientific research and studies, the pace and power of computers have increased to a greater level. Have you ever thought about the methods that are used to make children learn more about computers? Asking to solve computer-related questions for kids and practising computer worksheets are one of the widely used techniques to improve the computer knowledge of children. Make sure to provide the exercises based on age and the level of difficulty required. 

Significance of Computers in Our Daily Lives 

Computers have become a very common electronic device for children. They are aware of most of the functions performed with the help of computers. Because of regular use, they depict a higher level of technical knowledge about them. A computer system is used for multiple purposes. They are used for processing different data, programming software, securing information, and so on. Apart from all these benefits, during the pandemic caused by the spread of coronavirus, computers and online classes were the only reliance of children for education. So without much consideration and deliberation, we can call computers a great boon for humanity. Some of the major fields where computers are used as a major tool are listed below. 

  • Education: In the field of education, computers have turned out to be an inevitable part. The usefulness of computers was well visible, especially during the COVID time. Without the help of computers and online modes of education, parents would have experienced a lot of trouble educating their children. 
  • Business: Can you imagine the existence of a business organisation without a computer system? No, right! Computers help with the performance of different business operations and related calculations in a more efficient and accurate manner. Some of the major operations that are performed with the assistance of computers are the calculations of payroll and budgets, sales analysis, management of employee databases, etc. With the performance of all these operations in less amount of time, business organisations can mark progressions. 
  • Healthcare: Isn’t it hard to trace down hospitals, laboratories and dispensaries with no computer systems? Computers are an indispensable part of the field of healthcare. They are relied upon for the process of scanning and for diagnosing different diseases. Are the computers themselves performing all these duties? No. Different machines for performing different functions are connected to the computer and computerised. These computerised machines do the process of scanning our bodies and diagnosing diseases with the assistance of ECG, CT Scan, MRIs, blood tests, etc. Apart from these, computers are used to store the data of patients and medicines.  
  • Government: We are all aware of the services provided by the government to ease our social lives. Computers play a remarkable role in helping to ease the services provided by the government. Whether it be storing and analysing the data of every individual residing in the country, calculation of the total sex ratio, regulation of tax, etc., is performed with the backing of computers. 
  • Media and Communication: Computers are considered a great tool for entertainment and communication. It has helped our lives to convey an idea or a message to another person living in any part of the world. They also offer access to different platforms to entertain us.
  • Defence: Have you ever heard of the term ‘computerised control systems’ before? With the assistance of computers, the military uses these computerised control systems to communicate, produce and operate different smart weapons. 

The advantages offered by computers in our lives are innumerable. More than the list mentioned above, they have marked their dominance in almost every field. Like words told by a famous American philosopher, “The good news about computers is that they do what you tell them to do. The bad news is that they do what you tell them to do.” We have to be very cautious while using computers and have to ensure that they are used for the well-being of humanity. To help kids enrich their knowledge about computers and to make them understand more about the importance of computers, ask them to practise some basic questions on computer for kids. For more kid-friendly resources, visit BYJU’S website.