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Europe Is All Set To Give Robust EV Charging Network By 2030


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An infrastructural system of charging stations to charge electric vehicles (EV) is the one that is known as an EV charging network.

They provide the electric supply to the EVs to recharge their batteries for a better and longer working time along with some features such as software, electrical conductors, related equipment, and communication protocols that deliver energy safely and efficiently to the vehicles. 

As we can see there is a booming in the sales of electric vehicles(EV) all around the world. According to the estimations, the sale of EVs will reach a hike of almost 25% by the arrival of 2030.

And when we compare this estimation to 2020’s growth, which is just 3%, we can easily estimate the hike in the demand for EV’s. Although the major hindrance in the rapid adoption of EV’s is the scanty charging infrastructure, which needs a lot of work to be done, as it is the top concern of buyers. 

In the race of the adoption of EV’s, China is the frontrunner but now Europe is all set to give support by financing up to 1 million charging points. 

The major factors that drive the development of the European EV charging stations are-

  • Government’s motivation to promote EV’s adoption and develop associated infrastructure.
  • To deal with the rising demand for faster and long-running charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. 
  • High formation of electric vehicles by shared mobility operators. 
  • The growth of anxiety among the users of electric vehicles.
  • Increasing R and D in V2G Technology.
  • Growing distribution of charging stations by retail MNCs.

The research says that during the forecast period between 2022 to 2029, which means till 2030, the European market of electric vehicles (EV) charging is predicted to attain a value of $61.73 billion by 2029.

The top countries in the adoption and development of EV charging infrastructure in the whole Europe continent are the U.K, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, and France. 

By the visible growth and increased activity in this EV segment in recent years, startups started to invest in this field more actively to implement a widespread electric vehicle charging network. 

Here Is The List Of The Top 10 Electrifying European Startups, Working Towards A Robust EV Charging Network.

  1. Slovakia’s Greenway Infrastructure

This company was founded in 2011 by  Aaron Fishbone, Juraj Ulehla, and Peter Badik. The electric vehicle charging infrastructure’s building and management of the whole of central and eastern Europe comes under Slovakia’s Greenway Infrastructure. 

This company works to expand and grow the ecosystem’s electromobility along with their people, government, companies, and organizations. It combines into an energy system that is based on sustainable, distributed prosumers and energy storage applications. 

Earlier this year, Greenway signed a funding agreement with Generation capital and Helicos energy Investment of almost $85M and aimed to use the money for the expansion of its charging station. 

  1. Netherland’s Fastned

Fastned is an Amsterdam based manufacturer, founded in 2012 by Bart Lubbers, and Michiel Langezaal. It offers the manufacturing of charging stations along with offering charging solutions through solar and wind energy to electric transportation.

Its specialty is the development and operation of quick charging infrastructure which allows the EVs to cover up to 300kms in just 15 minutes. 

In June. it has raised $23M with the issue of new bonds. $7M worth of investment was extended by the investors from earlier issues, which makes the total amount $30M.

  1. France’s ZePlug

A French startup, founded in 2014 by  Frederic Renaudeau. It specializes in giving service of electric vehicle charging in multi-occupant and office buildings. 

Recently, the financing of $5M was announced by ZePlug, in an investment partnership with ICG infrastructure. With this fund, the company will focus on its partnership with office buildings and residential. 

  1. France’s Bump

A 2020-founded French startup, founded by Francois Oudot, and Francis Paradis. It operates a multi-year finance partnership with DIF Capital Partners and it works with huge construction firms to install EV charging stations.

They have their own software stack and a team that remotely monitors charging stations. It already has 300 charging stations and now it aims to ship 2,000 more by the end of 2023. 

  1. Germany’s IONITY

This firm was founded in 2017 by Michael Hajesch and it has a total funding of $825M. It offers the high power network that is making long-distance traveling a new normal. With a charging capacity of almost 350Kw, it uses a network of state of the art technology.

A $700M investment has been received by it from BlackRock Global because of its joint venture by Mercedes Benz AG, BMW Group, Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen with Audi, and Porsche. With this amount, it will expand its footprint across the European world. 

  1. UK’s Trojan Energy

It is a Scottish startup that produces a distinctive technology to power on-street charging points for EVs. the aim of this company is to give cheap and instant energy via charging points. 

$2.2M has been raised by this firm last year, which was led by Scottish angel investors Equity Gap. 

  1. Lisbon’s Power Dot

This Portuguese startup was founded in 2016 and is an EV charging infrastructure operator for the public. It helps the public at high-traffic locations by investing, installing, and operating the charge points every day. 

Earlier a few months, it had grabbed $150M from Antin Infrastructure Partners which aims to triple its charging point network across France. 

  1. UK’s Char.gy

Founded in 2016 by Richard Stobart, this company offers drivers to charge their vehicles on the street. By utilizing the street infrastructure it provides 2 EV charging solutions- 1. Lamppost smart charge point and 2. Satellite bollard smart charge point, With the goal of solving the residential EV charging solution.

Last year, a $6.4M investment was announced by Zouk Capital into Char.gy for the rolling out of on-street EV charging points across the UK. 

  1. UK’s Nyobolt

A Cambridge-based battery technology, which charges the battery in just 5 minutes, was developed by Nyobolt. It specializes in developing high-power battery tech which serves automotive applications. 

In July, it raised a round B funding series led by HC Starck’s Tungsten Power with the aim to help in its battery manufacturing. 

  1. Germany’s Compelo charging solutions AG 

2009th company which offers to charge solutions for EVs. The company offers AC and DC charging stations. This company has a strong customer base and serves almost 15 countries across Europe. This is one of the fastest-growing EV charging stations in Europe. 


What do you mean by EV?

EV means electric vehicles.

Which is the topmost country in EV production?


Is Europe on its way to produce robust EV charging networks by 2030?


What is the need to hike the production of EV charging networks?

To develop a long-lasting charging infrastructure, which will give ease and attraction to the buyers towards EVs.

What is the estimated time to achieve powerful charging stations for EVs?

Till 2030.

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