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Best Productivity Apps to Work Effectively


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Well, we often get distracted and face difficulties when it comes to time and team management, focus, , attention span, and much more. Often times we also face a creativity block which makes us lose focus more often and makes it difficult to work productively. Well, no one wants their progress to drop, so we have come up with productivity tools that will definitely help you focus and keep things managed and decluttered. 

So, if you want to progress faster and keep your work-life organized, here is a list of different productivity tools that can help you take work smoothly. Well, for smooth functioning and downloading of some of these apps, we suggest you get a good internet connection with minimum lag. For that, we suggest you check out CenturyLink internet plans at Buytvinternetphone.com. The packages are super affordable and the speed is incredible. 


Todoist is a straightforward task organizer tool that lets you list and categorizes activities according to projects. Think of this as an improved iteration of your conventional to-do list. The software allows you to share and assign projects with others while also keeping track of and managing your own work.


The mobile app Hive is one of the best platforms for project management, and it also gives you an opportunity to boost your work ethic and productivity throughout the day. It also gives you extra perks when integrated with Hive’s desktop and web tools. Hive allows team members to collaborate on schedules, share files, check their to-do lists, communicate in real-time, and stay up to date on project progress.

Hive’s desktop and online applications include even more capabilities to increase productivity in addition to the mobile app. Depending on a person’s preferred working method, a project can be seen in a variety of ways, including using a Gantt chart, a Kanban board, a calendar, and more. All project views are updated simultaneously, enabling everyone to work independently and ensuring team communication. Your personal to-do list is also updated with tasks that have been given to you across all projects, which holds you accountable and aids in task prioritization.

Google Docs

One of the best tools for document sharing and real-time collaboration is Google Docs. With this online word processor, there is no longer a need to save and transfer data back and forth when writing and editing. You can share files and documents both inside and outside of your business, depending on your preferences. This saves superfluous paperwork, fosters clearer communication, and enables team members to collaborate from any location. 

Google Sheets offer similar advantages such as the capability to import CSV files, which enables you to save all of your papers in an online location. Additionally, Google Docs feature a comment tool that allows you to highlight and annotate a specific passage of text. To keep everyone informed, remarks addressed to individual people will also result in an email message. Google allows the document owner to control each user’s level of editing access to preserve security and privacy. You can modify the papers online and download them as PDFs. Well, this makes google one of the most popular and convenient productivity tools especially when it comes to team management and work. 


The automation tool If This Then That (IFTTT) links many apps and experiences in an intuitive way. IFTTT allows you to automate a wide variety of actions, from commonplace events to more specialized situations. For instance, you may set a reminder to drink extra water or have Google add a reminder if it’s supposed to rain tomorrow on your calendar. You could also command it to send you a notification each time the International Space Station passes your home if you want to get really inventive.

You can automate monotonous tasks with the aid of this app, freeing you time to concentrate on other, more crucial elements of your business.


Evernote is for you if you like to take notes digitally or if you frequently mix up handwritten and digital notes. It is one of the best tools available, which allows you to compile all of your ideas and thoughts in one location. Besides, taking notes immediately on your device, one fascinating feature of Evernote is the ability to submit images of handwritten notes. 

Thanks to handwriting analysis, the search function enables users to browse all of their written or typed files. Once your notes are in the app, you may categorize and filter them using notebook systems. You never “lose your notebook” at home because Evernote synchronizes with all of your devices without a hitch.


Toggl is renowned for its uncluttered and straightforward user interface, which distinguishes it from other time-tracking apps and makes it incredibly simple to use. Its dedicated time-tracking application, Toggl Track, is excellent for all user types, including engineers, artists, and businesses of all sizes. 

It provides capabilities including custom reports, billable hours, and basic time tracking tools in addition to those that can aid any organization. By measuring the amount of time spent on various tasks, your company may use Toggl to spot workflow inefficiencies. With apps readily available for mobile, laptop, and even your browser, it is very simple to use while on the road.


For those who struggle to put down their phones and concentrate on one task at a time, Forest is a fantastic software. Simply launch the Forest app and plant a tree whenever you need to concentrate. As long as you are attentive and keep your phone away, this tree will continue to grow. Your tree will perish if you exit the app at some time before the work is finished. 

Users can eventually create an entire forest out of these trees (and their laborious efforts). Players are rewarded with more tree species and relaxing sounds to go with their forest collection, which adds to the game’s enjoyment. Even better, Forest and Trees For The Future have joined to allow users to utilize earned cash to actually plant trees.


A digital mind mapping application called MindMeister is ideal for use in typical office settings. Tools for mind mapping, such as MindMeister, are beneficial for project planning, data visualization, and idea generation. To interact and share ideas in real-time, teams can utilize MindMeister individually or collectively.

The app offers a variety of pre-made map themes, or you can create a custom map with the colors, styles, formatting, and images that are most appropriate for your requirements. You can establish unique branding for your brainstorming and planning, for instance, if you’re going to start an LLC. This application allows you to access your map digitally without having to bother about saving or emailing it in advance because everything is saved in the cloud.


Engross is a time management app that might help you control distractions and sharpen your attention. The app’s Pomodoro method timer is one of its standout features. The Pomodoro approach boosts productivity by dividing work into shorter segments, usually between 25 and 30 minutes, and separating each segment with brief mini-breaks. Users can alter the intervals on the Engross timer based on how long they want to work and how long they want to take breaks.

The distraction tracker is another useful component. The app will accumulate information about when you are most distracted during the day if you simply hit a button on the screen each time you become disoriented.

Well, these are all great tools and apps to help you organize tasks and activities, and in order to use them you must get safe internet, and as we discussed, CenturyLink Internet is one of the safest as well as fast internet services you may get. 

Final Words 

Well, it gets super annoying when anxiety takes over and work keeps getting more and more cluttered and piled up. So, if you struggle with work and productivity management whether you are an employee somewhere, have your own setup, or are a freelancer, you should definitely try out these apps. Well, we hope this information was enough and helpful for you.

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