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Attend Online College & Get Paid For Studying There: Isn’t It Amazing


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When we read the title of this article, it sounds a bit weird, right? But don’t get confused, it is the real thing that is possible to happen in today’s world.

There are a number of colleges in the world that offer online study programs with paying students and their tuition expenses are just negligible. 

In this article, we are going to inform you about these types of colleges, from which you can take a reputed degree in just a small amount.

But firstly let’s conclude some questions which arise in our mind regarding these colleges.

Why Choose An Online College That Also Pays You?

If you manage to get admission to one of these types of colleges then it has to be a very satisfying thing to you, why? Let’s discuss this.

  • It will make you financially independent to a little extent. 
  • It will boost your confidence. 
  • Encourage you to study even harder. 
  • As they are online, one is able to attend them even without traveling anywhere. 
  • If you are a working person then it will give you a flexible schedule to attend classes. 

Is It Really Possible To Get Paid While Attending College?

Yes, this is true. There are certain colleges that help you to get paid work, an internship, or a post which also helps you get a job in the future. These colleges are totally free of cost, they do not have any tuition fees, and you will study there for free.  

These colleges’ main aim is to bring out the talent of students who are unable to study because of their financial difficulties. 

List Of 7 Online Colleges That Pay You To Attend Them

Although there are lots of colleges in the world that pay you to attend their online courses. But here is the list of the seven most popular colleges among them-

Berea College Of Kentucky, USA

Berea College was established in 1855 and was founded by Cassius Marcellus Clay and John Gregg Fee in Berea, Kentucky, USA. It is considered the oldest co-educational and non-sectarian college present in the South US.

This college is on the top list of the best online colleges from where you can get paid for attending them. Its tuition fee is totally free for financially weak students with good grades and relevant skills. 

Barclay College Of Haviland, Kansas

Barclay college is also the top college for online studies and it offers a special program that makes the students work and earn capital along with their studies. 

Barclay College is authorized by Distance Education Accrediting Commission- DEAC. 

University Of Cambridge, England

This is the 5th oldest institute in the US for Higher Education. This prestigious university was set up in 1754, before the independence of the US. It is a globally acclaimed institute of learning. Its online presence is also very strong as well. It offers plentiful financial aid collections that are used by students for their books, tuition fee, and living. 

The University Of The People In California

This university was established in 2009 with the aim of providing tuition-free learning to students. This is the most reputed university as it is the world’s first charitable, accredited University.  

By studying there, you can get the advantage to earn Microsoft certification and their degree as well. This is because this college has a partnership with Microsoft. 

Southern New Hampshire University Of Manchester

This university offers the lowest tuition fee in the whole nation along with attracting financial aid and scholarships for the skillful and genius but financially weak students.

Lipscomb University Of Nashville

This college of Navishille provides a package worth $24k annually as an average financial aid. This is a premier Christian university that also gives loans to students for making their financial state better.

Athabasca University Of Alberta

Along with the paid attendance, if you want to have excellent professional talent and learning, then study with this university college. It makes every effort to make the learning period of students nourished and relaxed with powerful skills. 

The university checks your eligibility for financial aid scholarships when you apply for it


If you are a dreamer and want to achieve your dreams then you will definitely have to study in this time of the world.

And if your financial status and responsibilities are hindering your dreams then don’t worry the colleges mentioned above will help you out in your studies and also help you achieve your dreams as well. Just find the best choice for you and go ahead with your dreams.